Licenses for 2017

Even though we have just started the “dark season” here in Lakselv, a new season is in the planning. The hunt for the big salmon seems to be one of the most basic needs for many of us, and there are plenty of fishermen allready looking forward to a new season and new possibilities.

There has started to come in a few requests about when we open the selling of licenses next season. This will probably happen as usual to the end of February/beginning of March. It might also happen earlier, so pay attention to our homepage and Facebook-page every now and then for updates.

The sun disappeared behind the mountains for the last time this year some days ago, and we will have to wait approximately two months before we see it again. Luckily it’s not completely dark all the time, as many seem to believe. The picture above was taken today, as I took down the last radiotransmitter logging station for the project we have had going this fall. As you might see, the picture is taken just below the exit to Olderø and Telegraf.

I wish you a great weekend!