The draw of the catch and release-contest

With good help of our Mayor in Porsanger, we drew the catch and release-contest the 13th of December. A total of 16 prizes were to be distributed, and we ended up with a lot of satisfied prize winners.

1. Released big salmon before the 15th of July

Normann Kotzureks female measuring 120 centimeters managed to secure him a season license in Lakselva given by Lakselv land owners association. The fish was caught on the 5th of July. Imagine the number of eggs in this massive fish…

Trond Taraldsen landed this beauty of 95 centimeters on the 7th of July. His contribution both to the spawning stock and the catch and release contest secured him a trip to Iceland, given by Bergen Aktiv.

In  addition, Lorcan Buckley won a Vision west and cap donated by Vision Flyfishing. Lorcan also won a fly-box with flies tied and donated by Lasse Løkkebø. Patrick Miller also won a fly-box, this one tied and donated by local wine-expert and salmon fisherman Peter Kromann. To end this category, Lars Bendixby won a release-set by Guideline, donated by local tackle-shop Intersport Lakselv.

2. Released big salmon after 15th of July

Jakob Bjørklund took part of this summer’s Camp Wild Salmon here in Lakselva where he caught and released this fish of approximately 7 kilos. This fish also secured Jakob a season license in Lakselva, and he was as happy as one might expect when I called him last night to tell the news!

Matti Kärkkäinen has been a true Lakselva-friend for many years now. Being a skilled fisherman, he also sends quite a few contributions to the catch and release-contest. The big prizes has yet to fall into Matti’s hands, however that changed yesterday. This contribution, a silvery fish of 112 centimeters secured him a trip to Iceland, donated by Bergen Aktiv.

Sverre Hveding released this henfish of an amazing 126 centimeters on the 13th of August. This is quite possibly the biggest henfish landed in Norway this year, and it also secured Sverre a trip to the Dolomites, donated by Francesco Cozzio.

In addition Håvard Steffenak won a homemade net donated by Lars-Helge Trones, Juhani Tarkka won a fly-box with flies tied and donated by Espen Sandstø, and Jarand Pedersen a release-kit donated by Intersport Lakselv.

We also want to thank all contributors, and everybody who throughout the summer has contributed to the catch and release-contest, and to secure a healthy spawning stock here in Lakselva. We’re slowly starting to look ahead to a new season and new possibilites.

The catch and release-contest will continue, and we’re aiming to have just as great prizes also in 2017!