Roughly a month left till another season

Even though the official opening of the season in Lakselva is on the 1st of June, there are few indications that a new season is approaching. After a week of snow and wind, the sun is finally shining again today, but the warmer temperatures are yet to come. This is obvious, looking at the river.

Apart from the heaviest rapids, like here by Pikkulompola, the ice is still covering the river.

Telegraf in zone 1.

Barely a snowflake has melted in Lakselv, and the amounts of snow up in the mountains are great this year. Predictions are being made each year, often without success, but if we get a sudden flash of warmth this year, we might see a big spring flood. While waiting for another salmon season, we still have many good days left, snowmobiling and ice-fishing up in the mountains.

The view from the top of Gjøkenes, looking down towards Pahanmukka. Also here, the ice is covering the river, protecting future generations of salmon, and the valuable kelt.

I wish you a good weekend!