5 days until the official opening

Looking out the window, there’s not a lot that indicates what the heading suggests, but it’s still a reality. Next Thursday is the first day of the salmon season in most Norwegian salmon rivers, Lakselva included.

The river has started increasing slightly the last days, but there’s not a lot indicating that the spring flood is imminent. The long term weather forecast for Lakselv still shows freezing temperatures at night, and only one digit temperatures during daytime.

The ice still covers both Øvrevann and Nedrevann, and as the picture shows, also Gaggavann. A lot of water still needs to run into Gaggavann before the damn “breaks” and the flood peaks. Having said that, there’s a lot of snow in the mountains, and if the temperature suddenly turns, the water level will increase rapidly.

We’re at roughly 20 cubic meters of water at the moment, and we can still see the top of Väliniva/Flat Rock.

Kairanen. As you can see, there’s still a lot of snow left in the mountains.