The current situation

Two weeks into the season, and a little update is due. The spring/winter lasted a long time, and it was first after some days into June we had the milder weather we’ve been waiting for. The river increased rapidly, and has continued to do so until just recently.

The peak of the flood was reached just a couple of days ago, but there’s still a lot of snow left, so the water level will remain quite high for some time to come. The positive thing with the high water, is that it gives the salmon the time and opportunity to pass upstream quite undisturbed.

The high water level also explains the reason for the lacking catch reports. There are very few people fishing, and few places you can reach. Luckily the flood is not going to last forever, and the salmon will come.

Early monday the dam at Lake Gagga “broke”. This picture was taken the evening after, and it’s a lot of water passing down.

Øvrevannsbrekket/Oivus. One of the spots known for early fishing, and reports has it that a fish has allready been caught here.

At Väliniva, there’s no signs of the Flat Rock, and even the rock you stand on, on shore, is barely above water level.

A beautiful view upstream the river at Kairanen. The river goes over it’s banks, and the salmon holding here, are likely to hold close to shore.

Telegraf looking downstream. The river is running big and coloured.

Downstream of Olderø, looking upstream.