Last day of June

We’re soon done with June, the sun is shining and the temperature is a nice 19 degrees. The water level in the river is decreasing, and it will be interesting to see how the warmer temperatures will affect the water level the coming days. There’s still quite a bit of snow left in the mountains, but how much it will affect the river remains to be seen.

Because of the unusally high water lever in the entire month of June, few spots has been available for fishing. Despite of this, quite a few fish has been caught. By now, the average weight of the salmon is 10 kilos! Note how green and lush it’s becoming.

Most of the salmon has been caught in zone 3, but with the decreasing water level, we will see more and more fish being reported from the other zones as well

Pahanmukka is really starting to look good. I’m quite sure there are some fish holding in the bend here.

In zone 1 there has been a lot of clay in the water, consequently with poor visibilty. With the decreasing water lever, the water will clear up, and the salmon will find more and more stoppage points down here as well.

I wish you a good weekend and tight lines!