The season so far

Large parts of the season has been influenced by a lot of water and rather demanding conditions. Despite all of this, a lot of salmon, and large salmon was caught in the first half of the season. Now that the water is beginning to stabilize at a more “normal” level, we should expect catches to remain high.

Michael Fagergren with one of his contributions to this year’s catch and release-contest. A magnificent henfish of approximately 11 kilos, full of valuable roe.

We’ve seen a sinking trend in the catch reports the last couple of weeks, and there’s been periods where it has seemed like little fresh fish has ran the river. In accordance with the mid-season evaluation, and the good catches we experienced in the early season, it was still decided that no extraordinary restrictions were implemented for August.

Still we encourage every fisherman to be gentle with the big henfish, and release them whenever possible!