Yet another season is now over in Lakselva

It’s currently the 4th of September, and all sport fishing for salmon is now over here in Lakselva. Since it’s still allowed to fish for sea trout up until the 15th of September, and because it’s likely that there is a little delay in catch reports, this article will mainly have some thoughts about the season now behind us.

In correlation with the sea trout fishing, it’s in place to remind you of the regulations for this, as written in the regulations point 7:
– One can only fish with a fly
– The leader may have a miximum breaking strength of 0,25
– It is not allowed to use a tube fly
– The maximum hook size is 10
– It is not allowed to use weighted flies
– One can only fish with a floating line. Sink tips are not allowed.

Huge sea trout from Lakselva! Photo: Hans Christian Krogh-Hanssen

More in-depth statistics will come when the season is completely over, and the spawning fish count is done. As you all know, the season has been characterized by an unusally high water level, and the river has never reach a level low enough to be called a “normal summer level”. This again affects both where and how fishing is done.

This picture shows the water level gauge in Skoganvarre. Not at any occasion this summer, has the water level reach the median.

More water gives the fish more place to hold, and a popular theory is that this again affects the fish’s aggressivity, and makes it less likely to take the fly. Another consequence of a high water level, is that fish is less likely to show in the surface. Luckily, this does not necessarily mean less fish in the river.

This picture is from the 19th of September, and it’s rare that this little of the Flat Rock shows this time of the season.

When this is written, roughly 8,2 tons of salmon is reported in Lakselva. Though this is far from a record season, it’s still a season on the average. The catches has been represented by a lot of big salmon, and average weight is currently on an amazing 7,4 kilos. Lakselva’s “trade mark” as a big salmon river, has really been fulfilled in 2017.

Talk soon!