Flashback to the flood of 1997

By sheer coincidence I came across some picture from the flood which “ravaged” our valley back in 1997, and with a little more research, I also managed to get a hold of some more pictures. Since this flood is still talked about, I thought it could be interesting for you to see how it all happened.

The flood of ’97 is referred to as a 100-year-flood, so it obviously doesn’t happen to often. The changes that happened with this flood was large, and many fishing spots disappeared or changed because of changes in the riverbed. At the same time, I guess it’s safe to say that new spots occurred.

This picture is taken by the end of the road in Klemetstad, and the tail of Bergkulpen is to the right in this picture (Photo: Jan Emil Heimdal).

Almost the same picture, though slightly higher up. This is Bergkulpen itself (Photo: Jan Emil Heimdal).

The suspension bridge in zone 3 felt the rage of the river, and I remember having heard that the river flipped the bridge over (Photo: Jan Emil Heimdal).

Moving down to Tiensuu, you can see the river almost going over the bank on the west side of the river (Photo: Idar Langmyr).

The man made bank by Sandmelen was finished this year, and even though the river runs wide and has a lot of area to spread on, it’s still going way over it’s normal run (Photo: Jan Emil Heimdal).