The dark days are here

The dark season is now upon us here in Lakselva, and with the clear skies we had to day, it was an amazing display of colours. It’s difficult to recreate this with my cell phone camera, but you get a sort of an impression I hope.

As you can see, this picture is from the very top of zone 3, looking towards Lake Nedrevann. Lake Nedrevann has been covered in ice for quite some time allready, and the rest of the river is also about to freeze over.

The water level during winter time is low, and it will become even lower. This is looking upstream from the suspension bridge in Pikkulompola.

Downstream of the suspension bridge it looks like this. It’s incredible how different the river looks with this water level.

A panoramic view from the top of the hill, going down to Gjøkenes. The more quiet parts of the river are as you can see, totally frozen over.

A frozen river is good news for the fry, who is spared of a lot of predation and other stress inducing factors created by open water. In regulated rivers due to hydro-electric power, a lack of ice is a big problem, since the water in the dams is drained from the bottom of the reservoirs, where the water is warmer. Luckily this is a miniscule problem in relation to the power plant up in Skoganvarre by Lake Gagga.