A wintery hello from Lakselva

Yesterday (February 24th) I put my skis on, and went to see how Lakselva looks now that the ice is covering the river. It has been a cold winter so far, and there are very few places where the river flows freely without ice covering it. The trip went from Nedrevann down to Outasuanto, and here are some of the pictures.

At the very top of zone 3, at Oivunen, it’s only the narrow and deep channel which is open.

We can now finally feel the sun warming, but it was still a crisp -18 degrees when the trip started.

Kobbefossen. The frost from the river is covering the surrounding trees with a white layer of ice.

The view down towards Väliniva (Flat Rock) and Lombola.


The gauge at Skoganvarre shows less than 5 cubic meters per second now. At that water level, even Pikkulompola runs slow.

Kairanen is completely covered in ice.


The tail of Kovakoski, looking downstream.


The view down towards Kairanen. Kairanen itself is completely covered in ice.


And to finish it off, Outasuanto.

There are not many indications that the there’s roughly three months until the season starts, so it’s going to be exciting to see how the following months turn out. Up until now, we have not had a lot of snow, but March and April are usually regarded as the most snow-rich months up here, so a lot can still happen.

As you know, we open the selling of licenses this coming Thursday, 1st of March at 6 p.m. (local time). Good luck!