The online sale

As apparently very many of you knew, we opened the sale of licenses for Lakselva 2018, tonight. Immideately after the sale opened, we and many with us, experiences a big delay in the system. Many also experienced to have licenses in their shopping basket, only to be kicked out from the system. Some of you found these licenses again and completed their transaction, while others were not so fortunate. And others again did not at all manage to get into the system before much of the licenses were allready taken.

We have a limited amount of licenses for sale, so it’s only natural that not everybody get their wishes fulfilled, but these events are still very unfortunate to those of you who experienced them. It’s also unfortunate that the system is not capable to handle the demand to the extent that we experienced today. Even though we may expect a certain degree of delay, we have an expectation that it should work much more smoothly than what was the case tonight.

As you probably know, we rent this service from, and technically there’s not much we can do about these unfortunate events, other than to apologies to those of you who have been both stressed and disappointed during the night. At the same time, we experience that we lose both credibility and the trust of our customers, and we will naturally follow up on this matter with the provider of the service.

As said earlier, we apologies for these unfortunate events, and wish those of you how did manage to secure license welcome to yet another season in Lakselva!