About Lakselv and Porsanger

Porsanger county is in the middle of Finnmark. The centre of the county is Lakselv, which with it’s modest size still could supply the fisherman with pretty much all needed – from groceries to rental cars and of course fishing equipment. The Porsanger county is the third largest county in Norway, covering 4 874 square kilometres, and a population of about 4 000. The origin of the name Porsanger comes either from the plant called Pors, or the sami name “borsi”, meaning current. The other half of the name, “anger” means fjord.

Porsanger is everything from vast mountainous plateus to fjords and sea. Porsanger has midnight sun from around the 20th of June  up until the end of July. In this period you’ll fish in broad daylight, regardless if you fish at 2 a.m. or 2 p.m. The sun sets for it’s final time around the 20th of November, and rises again in the middle of January. This is when we tie flies!

The labour force in Porsanger is mainly in the service sector, defence, reindeer-herding and a continuously growing tourism sector. Porsanger has an amazingly natural beauty, with great contrasts. Good terrain for grouse and ptarmigan hunting, cloud berries growing on the marshes and trout and char fishing next to none. All of this is vital for the local community, and is a great reason why people choose to live and love in Porsanger.

Lakselv has it’s own airport, Banak, and there are daily departures to Tromsø, in addition to direct flights to Oslo three times a week during the summer season. It’s of no hassle to get to Tromsø, and even with a small lay-over in Tromsø, you easily get to Lakselv from Oslo on three to four hours time.