General regulations

Fishing rights
Anybody with a fishing licence has the right to fish on the grounds that the river association manages. This applies to all fishermen – local fisherman, as well as other Norwegians or foreigners.

Camping is not allowed closer to the river bank than 50 metres (150 feet). Show respect to the local settlement and common traffic when you are camping. Motor homes, camper vans or camping wagons are forbidden by the riverside.

Make sure you bring your own waste to designated containers. The environment along the river is a common responsibility, and your obligated to clean up after yourself.

Show respect to the nature along the river and be careful when you make a fire. Avoid creating new fire places whenf there are excisting once in the vicinity. Do not cut barch from the trees.

Gyrodactylus salaris
Gyrodactylis salaris is the biggest threat to all salmon rivers, and many rivers are destroyed forever due to this parasite. Be aware of your responsibility and disinfect your fishing equipment properly. Fishing with a certificate of disinfection is strictly prohibited.
Stations for disinfection:
Circle K Lakselv and Skoganvarre tourist centre.

To have the ability to fish for salmon in the future we are dependant on having spawning salmon. In Lakselva we’re demanded to have atleast 3500 kilos of spawning female salmon at spawning time. The river association exercises an annual count after the regular fishing season and this gives us the answer to whether or not we have reach this goal. Failure to reaching this goal will lead to stricter rules and a decrease in fishing possibilities the following season(s).

Large female salmon is in charge of 95 % of the river’s annual production of egg/fry. A large female spawner can give an annual 400 smolt (young salmon). By releasing the big female salmon you do yourself, other fishermen and the river a great service. It’s your duty to follow the quotas given in the fishing rules.

This is a common responsibility, and one person’s malbehaviour can be destructive for everyone.

Catch & Release

To assure the greatest possibility of survival for the released fish it is important to act as follows:

– Fight the fish quick and hard.
– Do not carry or lift the fish an unnecessary amount away from the water.
– Act quick and effective.
– Use a hook loosening tool.
– Release the fish carefully. The fish must be held carefully against the stream.

Catch report
Every angler is committed by law to report all their catch, and this must be done continuously. You must also report if you don’t catch fish. Released fish must also be reported.

This is very important for the management of the river, and vital for the mid-season evaluation.

Anglers who fail to report their catch could lose the opportunity to buy a fishing licence in the future.

Catch report must be delivered without regard to result, either on the Internet or via short message on a mobile telephone (SMS).

Catch report on the Internet
Go to

Catch report via short message (SMS)

Use code word “Lakselv license number weight(kg) l/s/j c/r”
l – Salmon c – catched
s – Sea trout r – released
j – Sea char

Example shown in the display:
Salmon ca. 5,3 kg The fish is released.

IN333333/123 kg l r

Send message to (+47) 417 16 030

Fishing license and disinfection
Disinfection stations and places to buy fishing licences:

Circle K Lakselv (only disinfection)
Skoganvarre tourist centre
For prizes of fishing go to Lakselva or Scanatura.