Fishing licenses

Prizes 2017:

Zone 1 – 3:

06.6 – 23.6 500,-
24.6 – 30.6 900,-
01.7 – 14.7 950,-
15.7 – 20.8 1200,-
21.8 – 30.8 1000,-

Zone 4:
06.6 – 23.6 500,-
24.6 – 14.7 850,-
15.7 – 15.8 900,-
16.8 – 30.8 650,-

Zone 5:
06.6 – 30.8 180,-

Sea zone:
06.6 – 30.8 120,-

Sea trout zone (september):

01.9 – 14.9 350,-

Rules for reserving licenses:

1. All requests for licenses happens via the administration of Lakselv land owners association, and name of the land-owner and the fisherman/fishermen must be given when reserving licenses. When reserving licenses, the name, adress and contact information to each separate fisherman must be given.

2. Fishing licenses may not be sold resold.

3. One can maximum reserve two licenses per property per day.

4. The fisherman must accept a rotation of zones where the demand is higher than the supply. (This might mean that you will not be able to get all fishing in one zone).

5. All requests regarding reserving of licenses must be sent to Lakselv land owners association a minimum of two weeks ahead of the announced date when we start to sell licenses online. Reserved licenses must be paid by before the ordinary selling of licenses start online. If the invoice is not paid, the licenses will be deleted and made available online.

6. Only land owners with their property open for the licenses managed by Lakselv land owners association has the possibility to reserve licenses.

7. If there is a higher demand for licenses than there is available licenses, licenses will be distributed evenly between the fishermen. This is done by the administration in Lakselv land owners association to secure a just distribution between the fishermen.

8. At any time, there must be atleast 50 % of the licenses available for the separate zones, once the online selling start.

These rules also apply for registered tourism operators in Porsanger.